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10 PCB Layout Tips to Minimize Manufacturing Costs


Optimize Your PCB Layout for a Faster, Cheaper, Easier Product Run If you’re getting ready to put a new PCB design into motion, chances are this is the umpteenth “X Common Design Mistakes” or “Here’s the Right Way to...” article you’ve skimmed through. We understand....

Better Fiducial Markers in 5 Simple Steps


How to Design Fiducial Markers for Easy Reading   In the grand scheme of PCB design, deciding on the fiducial marker placement may seem like more of an afterthought. You may be surprised to find out these little marks actually play a pivotal role in good...

Do You Know What A PCB Really Is?


  Circuit Board 101: What Is a PCB?   Today, we’re going to take a brief look at the fundamental item that keeps the electronic world turning: the PCB (meaning “Printed Circuit Board”). In our modern society, PCBs are essential in everyday life, from...

Why We Love It When You Use Your Warranty


  Using your warranty helps everyone out You may already be thinking “Wait, what? Don’t companies hate getting products sent back? Isn’t that just another headache to them?” On the contrary – it’s company time and money well-spent. You see, a warranty is so much...

How To Fix Solder Joints With Your Soldering Iron


Take the Guesswork Out of Solder Joint Rework. Circuit boards degrade over time. Whether by a factory defect or physical wear and tear, sometimes a solder joint will give out and stop the assembly from functioning. However, there may yet be hope. If you have a...


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