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What do you specialize in?
Meyer EMS focuses on high-mix, low/medium volume surface-mount and through-hole assembly, including box builds.  We also work with the customer to provide prototypes for orders leading to production.
What is your typical order turn time?
Due to global supply chain issues, current turn time for turn-key orders may vary significantly. Estimated times may be offered upon quote request.
How is your order turn time determined?
Some common factors that decide turn time include the ordering and receiving process for the boards and components, process types involved in the assembly of the PCBs, PCB population, and order size.
Do you build RoHS compliant (lead-free) assemblies?
Yes, we are equipped for assembling both Lead-Free and Tin-Lead products.
What is your quality standard for PCB assembly?

We are compliant with IPC-A-610 Current Revision.  All assemblies meet a minimum of Class 2 standards.

IPC (Association Connecting Electronics Industries – found at www.IPC.org/ ), provides a common ground of unified criteria for the electronics assembly industry.  These standards have been widely adopted throughout the world.  They set the acceptability bar for everything from bending a lead to soldering the most complex component.

Do you build consignment orders?
Meyer EMS will run consignment builds under certain conditions.  Call for more information.
Once I have received a quote, is that price guaranteed?
Due to the current volatility of the component industry, we are unable to guarantee quote prices for a specific duration or until we have received a purchase order. We will, however, communicate significant pricing changes and availability issues as quickly as possible.

Note also that quotes are based on details provided by the customer. Any changes requested after the quote has been provided may result in updated pricing.

Do small changes in a board’s design incur tooling NRE charges?
Charges will depend on the type of changes being made to the board.  Please contact us for more information.
What is the range of PCB thickness you can process?
We process circuit boards ranging from .031” (31mil) up to .125” (125mil).
What is the size range of boards you can produce?
We process boards from 2.5” square (or 2.5″ square arrays of smaller boards) up to 16″ x 11”. Contact us for more details regarding your specific request.
Can the customer supply the PC boards for assembly?
Please contact us for details. We will work with you to ensure the product is optimized for assembly.
Do you offer functional testing for my assembly?
Yes, we provide testing upon request.  NRE charges may apply.
Do you offer conformal coating for my assembly?
Yes, we provide conformal coating upon request.
What about conflict minerals?


SMTA International ROHS Compliant SMTnet emsnow

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